Frequent Questions

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Are helmets mandatory?

Full face department of Transportation (DOT) certified helmets  must be worn by drivers with no exceptions. We provide helmets for your safety at no additional cost.

Can adults ride on the kids track?

Yes, the karts and track are specially designed for children but we allow adults to ride on the Junior Track if they choose, and safely fit into the kart. Adults will be charged for the price of a jr. track race.

Can my whole party race together?

To guarantee that you will be racing with your friends, pre book your race time by calling us at 780-641-0640.

Do I need any special clothing?

For safety purposes, you must wear closed toed shoes while racing. No sandals, high heels, or loose clothing permitted.

Do you have double karts?

No, there are no double karts at this facility.

Do you have group rates?

If you have a large group, we recommend renting out the track exclusively for you and your friends. For information and pricing regarding this, please email us at [email protected]

How fast do the karts go?

The karts can reach speeds up to 70kms in the building

How long is a membership valid for?

Memberships are valid for a whole year. Race credits do not expire and will roll over when you renew your membership.

How long is a race?

A race is 7 minutes long. It will take you 10 minutes start to finish.

How many people can race at one time?

We run up to 12 karts on the adult track per race and up to 5 karts at a time on the kids track.

How tall do I have to be?

Kids track: 48 inches or taller Adult track : 56 inches or taller (no exceptions).

What if I want to wear my own helmet?

You are more than welcome to bring your own helmet as long as it is DOT approved and provides full face coverage.

Refund Policy?

No cash refunds. Please remember that we have zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol.

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